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Black Culture |
Future PAST

Do we know our history? We know what has been found. Every year we find out history going back further. Last known find was of an analog calculator, the Ishango bone, found in the Congo. Dated approx. 50K years ago.

This means that what we think we know, we know a little bit of….but there is a bigger story. We know the earth experienced a destructive force, and that force destroyed civilizations. We also know that there were survivors and they rebuilt our civilizations , and that has led up to where we are now.

Is that all? What if there is more? 

What if our ancestors actually come from an advanced civilization light years away, and this was just a colony.

What if there was a catastrophe?

We would need to rebuild our civilizations, slowly ..because only the survivors would be there

We know ships left, but will they return? When?

TIme has been a thousand years for us, but time doesn’t work that way when you leave the planet. Where is our history and how we do we know the history we learn is all there is……………..imagine with us.

Second Life Artist creator of the Art Exhibit, Black Culture  Future History

Second Life Artist, 
Giselle Chauveau.

Giselle came to Second Life on the 20th of February 2009, because she became intrigued by the cutting edge concept of virtual worlds and wanted to immerse herself in it. She’s a very approachable and down to earth person.

She’s a Model, Stylist, Shape artisan, Astrologer, Bloggist, & Freelance photographer. In addition, she’s the owner of Body By Chauveau, Saturnine Visage Blog, Cosmic Women of SL & Co-founder of The Layali Troupe of SL. She adores fashion and all of the elements involved within the industry. She feels that women of color have a unique stamp in the modeling world of Second Life. This really inspires her to make her own personal contribution.

If you would like to connect with her regarding modeling or blogging 

Feel free to drop her an IM or NC. Also her work experience can be found in her profile picks.



The mission for the artist: Create an artistic view of our people that captures our known timeline but also hints at a longer history of interstellar life.. Giselle exceeded our expectations on this one. We know you will enjoy it.

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