The Moors, Civilizers of Early Europe

The Moors, Civilizers of Europe. The exhibit showcases the Moorish culture and contributions to early Europe. Many are unaware that early Europe was uncivilized, and common activities such as bathing was considered a sin amongst locals. The exhibit is mixed media. Some of our information is located on the actual exhibits. Additional about the exhibit is listed here on our site. Please scroll for more.

Ancient Egypt (KMT & Nubia) 

Our Ancient Egypt (KMT / Nubia ) exhibit focuses on the day to day life of Kemetians & Nubians. Instead of just focusing on a single period , we provide content that spans from 900 BC to 3500 BC. We present several unique replica statues of  a few interesting  statues as well as a few Pharaonic statues and Sarcophagi.

In addition, we feature a robust gallery of unique replica illustrations from a variety of real world museums. The pictures feature day to day life of our ancient ancestors performing their usual activities. We provide this specific view to remind visitors that our civilization was not only advanced but contained a variety of activities. None of the activities identified in this exhibit are displayed in movies or videos.

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