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Solaris Spoken Word Performance – SL BIRTHDAY

6/25 | 5PM SLT/PST Duration: 60 Min
Live Session – Public Access Only
Spoken Word & Hip Hop Live Performance
Located on the SL21BDAY FIRE Stage

Live Spoken Word & Hip Hop performance by Ras Solaris. This event is part of the Second Life Birthday Celebration.

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Floor, Rear Right

Floor, Rear Left

Floor, center, back

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The location: MEROE Museum HQ Office ,
Second Life, Metaverse.


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Annual Events

The below list of events represents our dedicated annual event list. We also collaborate and partner on events. Additional events may be added based on visitor demand & alliances/collaborations.
Check Current Events Roadmap & Schedule  for greater accuracy.

black history month Festival – feb

A two day music festival celebrating Black indigenous music world wide (hip hop, afrobeat, afrohouse, soca, caribe, etc). also celebrates  the start of Spring. Music Festival Duration – 2 days. Each Day, Approx. 6 hrs of music. 

juneteenth – liberation celebration- june 

A three hour music celebration showcasing music from the diaspora, celebrating our global struggle for liberation and human rights. Music Event Duration: Approx. 3hrs of music. 

black august Music Festival – aug

A three day festival celebrating Black August. The festival showcases lectures, poets, singers, dancers, entertainers, and top DJs from all over Second Life. The music and theme of the festival is music from the diaspora. August is also Black Business Month, we provide space for small Black/indigenous businesses the opportunity to display their products/services during the event. Duration: 3 days. Each Day, Min. 6 hrs of entertainment each day.

black panther party Birthday – OCT

We celebrate Oct 16th, as the day of the founding of the Black Panther Party of Self Defense. We recognize them for their service to the people and inspiration to all peoples.


An amazing adventure endurance race for the MEROE UHURU STEM program charities. The race includes a minimum of 10 events, over 2 continents and 1 ocean. This is a non music event. Race Duration: 3 days, all participants must complete the race within the three day time span.

MEROE Museum anniversary celebration – dec

We celebrate the anniversary launch of MEROE Museum, which was launched on the anniversary of the assassination of Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Event Duration: Approx 2 hr music event.

Past Events

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