Connect with us. We welcome everyone to work with us to help promote unity and end division such as colorism.

Spoken Word 

Spoken Word/Hip Hop performance focused on unity, Pan Africanism and positive messages. (Duration 1 hr.)


Global exhibits from local Second Life Residents illustrating how all cultures originate from a single universal culture and the incredible creative talent of SL Residents.


Our Film Festivals feature lectures and films by leading scholars such as Runoko Rashidi, Dr. Clarke, and Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, and more (Available 24 hr. a day.)



MEROE Celebrates with a showcase of exhibits prom freedom for all political prisoners and liberation through unity and economics.. Exhibits are described below.

Please explore and enjoy our exhibits. Scroll for more information about MEROE. All Exhibits and Exhibit information is inworld. Please use the kiosks for more information
Please do not forget your gift.

Black AUGUST Performances &
Film Festival

We are having multiple events throughout the month with music and spoken word poetry. Please see the list below for dates and locations. Each performance is customized to ensure a new experience for all. Landmarks added on 8/23.

Schedule: Friday – 8/25, Saturday – 8/27, Tuesday -8/29

DJ’s, Poets, Singers 5 – 7 pm SLT

Movie Festival Schedule:

Friday – 8 – 25 @7pm SLT

Five on the Black Hand Side

Saturday 8 – 25 @7pm SLT

Bamboozled – by Spike Lee

Tuesday 8 – 25 @7pm SLT

Don’t Be A Menace – by Keenan Wayans

  • All Exhibits will persist through 2023

Gallery – New Exhibit

The following exhibits are UPDATE and LIVE and available in the Gallery in Feb 10th

  • COLORISM – an exhibit collaboration with MEROE and Bro. Skully an active artist resident in Second Life. 
  • The exhibit focuses on highlighting the existing division amongst Black culture focused around skin color, and which color is best.

  • Time and Space – An exhibit collaboration with Giselle, A model and active artist in SL. The focus of the exhibit is to highlight our culture throughout time with a mix of Afrotech, and reality

  • All Exhibits will persist through 2023

Exhibit Hall – New Exhibits

The following exhibits will be UPDATED and LIVE in the MEROE Exhibit Halls in Feb 10th

  • AFRO Future and Afro tech Updates – highlighting some of the amazing economic accomplishments occurring on the continent and the diaspora.
  • Inventions and Innovations of Blacks in the Diaspora. We highlight many inventions, authors, artists, and contributions made by Black people from 1 AD until the modern era
  • Pan Africanism – an exploration of FBA, AIM, ADOS and how it relates altogether as one unified concept to empower our people and culture. This also helps many with the current Identity crisis impacting many in the culture.

  • All Exhibits will persist through 2023



MEROE Museum celebrates BLACK AUGUST
LIBERATION & ECONOMICS. Every year MEROE brings more and more edu-tainment to the culture and our community. This year we feature a sponsor section for BLACK AUGUST so that all our visitors and volunteers can differentiate between our Alliance Partners and Black August Sponsors.

This section specifically highlights the sponsors participating in BLACK AUGUST. Click Here to Learn More


Black August honors, Black Political Prisoners, Pan Africanism, we focus on  our ancestors. Our Ancestors continually fought for liberation and freedom in the form of slave rebellions, such as Nat Turner and those in Haiti up till present day. Black August is honored every year to commemorate the fallen freedom fighters of the Black Liberation Movement, to call for the release of political prisoners in the United States, to condemn the oppressive conditions of U.S. prisons, and to emphasize the continued importance of the Black Liberation struggle.
We continue this struggle today for human rights and liberation for all. Free Mutulu Shakur, Free Mumia Abu Jamal. 


The exhibit features an art exhibit highlighting the global movement of BLACK AUGUST.


There is a lecture available for this exhibit.


A book is not available for this exhibit 

HUNT or Gift

Gifts & Hunts are not available for this exhibit


Exhibit is located outdoors on the MEROE museum campus

New Exhibit:
Innovators & Inventors –
Black Wall Street

MEROE Museum honors our modern era ancestors with an indepth look at inventions and innovations that exist today today to benefit all of humanity. 

Exhibit includes Pushkin, Dumas, Du Sable, Garvey & infamous Charles Drew and more. the exhibit we illustrate how successful our people worked together from during slavery up till recently. 

The exhibit illustrates our progression from during slavery and auction blocks to the rise of our beloved towns and institutions to the burning of Tusla.

This exhibit also includes a review of Marcus Garvey’s famous Black Starline, a business ahead of it’s time.

We also challenge the viewer to remember not all institutions of that era are gone, there are still Banks and other businesses from that era in existence.

BookS – New Feature


FY23 Roadmap Exhibits & Events

MEROE Museum upcoming exhibits and events is focused on providing a sneak peak into the current quarterly roadmap. The exhibits, events and initiatives are subject to change 15 days prior to launch.

JAN – May

The following exhibits, and events are planned for 2023.

2 -15-23-FBA, ADOS, Black American Indians, & PAN Africanism – An overview – Exhibit Hall 

2-11-23 – COLORISM – The Great Divide – Gallery Exhibit

2-11-23 – MEROE Farmers Market, come learn to grow food inworld and in RL.

2-11-23 – Feb Black History Month Festival

2 20-23- HBCU Exhibit

2-25-23 Freedom towns, and industrial revolution

  • All Exhibits will be on display all of 2023

Jun – AUG

The following exhibits and events are planned for Summer 2023

1-Liberation Walls – Murals focused on Black liberation from around the world

2-Juneteenth – America and Africa – Is there a connection?

3-BLACK AUGUST exhibit, Spoken Word Tour and Afro Festival

SEP –  Dec

The following exhibits and events are planned for Fall/Winter 2023

1- Winter Festival Gifts

Dr. Carter G. Woodson

MEROE Museum honors Dr. Carter G Woodson (1875 – 1950) started the American version of this concept in the early 20th century – 1924, officially adopted in 1976.

Like W.E.B. Dubois, Woodson believed that young African Americans were not being taught of enough of about their heritage and the achievements of their ancestors the builders of the first civilization.

To get his message out Carver first turned to his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, which created Negro (Black American /African American) Literature Week in 1924. He chose February because it was the month in which Frederick Douglas was Born. His legacy reached into the 20th and 21s century as he was the first to try to create an Encyclopedia Africana, a 6 volume set focused on the history and culture of Africans in the diaspora.

BookS – New Feature

New Exhibit: Pan Africanism, FBA, ADOS and Identity

An exhibit focused on illustrating how the concepts of FBA – Foundational Black Americans, ADOS – African Descendants of Slaves, Black Americans, African Americans, and Black American Indians have an interwoven past and powerful future working together.

The exhibit helps viewers to understand the differences and beauty of each local cultural identify and how it relates to the overall global identity and socio-economic identity of Pan Africanism.

This exhibit is focused on countering the current divisive tactics used by many to divide and separate us into more fractions.

New Exhibit: COLORISM –
Dividing the People

MEROE Museum collabos with local Second Life Artist, DJ Skully to create a thought provoking art exhibit that enables the viewer to ask themselves if colorism affect their reality and treatment of others.

Colorism an issue that is like a plague to the universal Black community and culture. Colorism can cause self hatred as well as hatred of others , simply based off of Hue.

We must accept and realize that all Black people come in a variety of hues from the lightest to the darkest. It is the lack of understanding this that separates us. 

We developed this exhibit to try to get people to reflect on colorism, and hopefully show them a different view of life. Some times when we see people some only see the hue of the skin, (which does not always indicate the amount of melanin someone has either). This exhibit is a thought experiment meant to cause the viewer to rethink and challenge their programming.

BookS – Included in this exhibit is The ISIs papers by dr. frances cress welsing

New Exhibit:
Black Culture: Future History

MEROE Museum collabos with Second Life Artist, Giselle Chauveau to re-envision the current “history” of our culture and people. 

Many of our concepts of history and culture are locked into specific areas of the earth such as North East Africa, and Western Afri-Asia (now known as the Middle East). However every day we learn more n more how an ancient Black civilization travelled the earth setting up colonies, etc. As of late, we are beginning to accept that history may not be a progression from simple man to current. In fact, new evidence suggests a highly advanced civilization existed before the earth’s global catastrophe, and the survivors of this advanced civilization provided the foundation for our current world.

We wanted to know what if the story was more than that. This exhibit focuses on envisioning what our timeline could be? in addition, each single piece of art represents a unique frame or era within the overall timeline. We hope all enjoy.

Permanent Exhibits & Events

MEROE Museum is focused on showcasing exhibits, art, and art installations that focus on showing how indigenous/Black culture is the foundation of the current world civilization. We believe by showing the truth about our culture and our people we promote unity through diversity for all people in the world. Every day new facts are revealed about how ancient our culture is and how important it is to the world today. 

In addition, we believe by providing this information inworld in a safe collaborative space, we foster communication between all peoples in the diaspora and the world. Our inworld museum features three exhibit halls, a gallery, and library. Each exhibit description provides a description of the exhibit location within MEROE museum.

Visit MEROE Museum in Second Life, Metaverse
Click to Learn about Second Life. MEROE Museum is only accessible via Second Life Metaverse Browser


The gallery art is focused on providing glimpses into areas of our culture often overlooked. This month we feature the following:

Fela Kuti-Father of Afrobeat – Album Covers. Fela’s music and album covers provided a glimpse into Nigeria and the need for political change. 

Conscious – Political Hip Hop MCs– First part of a five part series called Origins of the Five Elements of Hip Hop. Focused on identifying the roots of the MC style.

“Did you Know”– Our Did You Know section provides a glimpse into history illustrating moments in our history with searchable facts to help promote truth and clarity amongst all cultures.

Exhibit Halls

Exhibit Hall 1 – Afrotech & Current and Future Strategies in Africa.

The exhibit focuses on showing the visitor existing economic and technology-oriented initiatives that are blossoming on the continent of Africa, and are not commonly known in the USA. Additionally, information is provided on future plans that have started to ensure that Africa as a whole rises to become a global power over the next decade. Africa will have a presence in space sooner than many realize.

Exhibit Hall 2 – Black Culture Inventions, Foundation of the World

The exhibit focuses on showcases a sample of the inventions that created by our ancestors in the ancient era and the modern era that are used every day but are not associated with our culture. The inventions impact all aspects of daily life from refrigeration to elevators.

Exhibit Hall 3 – Ancient Egypt -KMT & Nubia, Temple of Ramses (Nubian Monuments).

The exhibit focuses on highlighting the origins of Egypt, culture and relationships with their neighboring cities and relatives. Multiple exhibits are featured in this hall.

MediA and Music festival

The Media & Music Event/Festival this month is packed full of power.

Summer Fest The festival will feature music from across the diaspora such as soca, Brazilian funk, house, afrobeat, hip hop, etc. The purpose of the music festival is to showcase the rich diversity in our culture and have an amazing good time with like minds.

We will host three Festivals for 2023

Feb -Black (American & Diaspora) History  – We celebrate daily the accomplishments of our ancestors and those around us. However, we celebrate our ancestor C.G Woodson for promoting the need and pushing for a designated time to promote our culture to ensure our people learn from the past. 

Jun – Juneteenth – Celebrating when kidnapped/enslaved Black were freed from local tyranny. Additionally we celebrate the liberation event that occurred in South Africa in 1976.

Aug – Black August – Celebrating when most of the indigenous and slave rebellions took place around the world.

The media events for this month include new video lectures and new book releases.

MEROE Library Tablet 

The MEROE Library Tablet allows all users to access all of the books in our library. The tablet features lifetime updates for all residents in Second Life. All of the books located in our library were found in ancient and lost locations across the web, often in the internet archive itself. Each month will feature a new release of books.

The tablet is free for everyone.

The tablet will also enable users in RL to access our Library for free access to our book collection (Fall 2022).

The following books are available in this release:

ISIS Papers, Black Skin & White Masks, Autobiography of Malcolm X, African Origins of Civilization, Philosophies & Opinions of Marcus Garvey, & They Came before Columbus

BookS – New Feature

Adinkra & Kente Cloth Exhibit 

January’s Exhibit includes sculpture, artwork and a companionbook focused on Adinkra Symbols and Kente Cloth – Symbols and Meanings. Adinkra and Kente Cloth play a pivotal role in lives of Africans, and Africans in the Diaspora-like African Americans. We have a contributing artist from the Second Life Community, Diamond Martinez.


The exhibit is a mixture of mixed media and local SL Resident Artwork illustrating one of the natural uses of Kente Cloth and how it is worn.


No lecture available for this exhibit.


There is a book available for this exhibit located in the bookstore.


A custom MEROE Museum gift is available at the conclusion of the Hunt.

Americas Exhibit 

December’s Exhibit includes Artwork, Book and Film by the famous Pan-African Scholar Runoko Rashidi’s They Came Before Columbus. The exhibit focuses on his ground breaking work discussing the African presence in the Americas


The exhibit is a mixture of mixed media and local SL Resident Artwork replicating the great Olmec heads discovered in Mexico.


Lecture is available for this exhibit located in the outdoor and main museum theater.


There is a book available for this exhibit located in the bookstore.


A custom MEROE Museum gift is available at the conclusion of the Hunt.

Ancient Africa|
Egypt/KMT & Nubia Exhibit 

December’s Exhibit includes Artwork and information focused on MAAT and her relationship to the modern day Angel. The concept is explored with art by SL Residents.


The MAAT and Laws of MAAT is a custom exhibit created and developed by local SL Residents, show casing imagination and creativity. Also features a replica of the interior of the Temple of Ramses aka the Nubian Monuments


There is a lecture available for this exhibit.


The 42 Laws of MAAT, Book is available with this Exhibit


A custom MEROE museum gift is available at the conclusion of the hunt

Long Term Exhibits

Long term exhibits include Nubia & KMT, 16th -19th century central and west African art, Asia origins and Africa the Future.


A mixed media exhibit focused on highlighting the similarities of KMT and Nubia. KMT and all concepts of KMT originate in Nubia. KMT started as a colony of Nubia.

Mid-Century Art

A mixed media exhibit focusing on the artwork from across the African continent highlighting specific mid-century art work.

Africa & Americas

A mixed media exhibit focused on highlighting the origins and influence of Black culture on the Americas.

Africa the future

A mixed media exhibit illustrating current initiatives in Africa and the Diaspora that focus on a sustainable future

Museum Camp Activities

Explore our museum and campus activities and invite your friends, learn about your culture and play games.

Study and Social Area

You and your friends can enjoy learning & discussing your culture while playing games like catch, dominoes and spades.

Book Store

We offer inworld access to great books such as They Came Before Columbus, and The ISIS Papers. All books are free with donation. 


Sit end enjoy a snack or meal with a loved one in our cafe, we support BeYou and XEO. 


HUNT and win custom made UCS and MEROE Museum swag, like hats, jackets, and more. We are also home to PASSPORT and The ARTIFACT HUNT for those that enjoy time pressure puzzles.

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Our Team

The MEROE Museum was founded on the concept of unifying cultures by respecting our differences and seeing our commonality. All cultures of the world originated from black culture & black explorers throughout time. We seek to show a relationship, to bridge the gap between all cultures. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds in RL but found common understanding of the world in SL. We came together to make change, one person at a time.

Ras Solaris

Founder/ Dir. Of Operations

GiGi Monet Heiwa

Dir. of Media 

Atom Solaris

PR Relations