What is MEROE Museum

MEROE Museum is a museum focused on providing a space to promote Pan Africanism in the form of exhibits which reflect actual research and facts about the original indigenous Black culture of the world. Our goal is to provide our visitors a similar experience to a real world museum in the form of exhibits, resources, and information. 

There are many people that cannot access specific exhibits or museums in the real world. We foresee a time in which virtual museums will be just as popular as real world museum because of the accessibility, variety and richness of the content.

MEROE Museum launched to be a beacon of unity in the future as the Metaverse and virtual worlds become the platforms of now and the future.

Why the name MEROE?

The name MEROE was selected to honor our ancestors of the ancient city of MEROE founded 750 B.C.E, and part of the KUSH Empire. MEROE focused on education, technology, international trade, and many things we do in the world of today, In Greek history, MEROE is known as Aethiopia, also called Ethiopia & Sudan today. MEROE is also popular because it is home to the largest collection of Pyramids in the world.

Why build in a Virtual World or Metaverse?

As people who love museums that focus on our rich culture, we realized there were many people living in the Diaspora that miss out on key exhibits. Visitors may miss out on key exhibits due to the nature of “traveling exhibits” and in some cases the location of museums.

Due to the accessibility of the Metaverse and Virtual world platforms we selected the most mature platform (Second Life) to host our museum. We believe by providing greater access to knowledge increases the chance of prosperity and unity amongst diversity.

A good example of amazing exhibits that are located in places not easily accessible to people in the Diaspora include the Museum of Black Civilizations located in Senegal.

Why a Museum?

We selected a museum because museums represent institutions focused on the acquisition, preservation and propagation of factual information regarding specific topics. In addition, museums also provide a platform to provide insight into the current era of new information and highlight the future probabilities based on current information and technology.

Due to the virtual nature of our museum we also seek to go beyond the standard strategy and also focus on providing extensive resource listings to help promote Pan Africanism.

What is Pan Africanism?

Pan Africanism is a core theory in the foundation to restore Africa. Pan Africanism simply means people of African heritage have a common ancestry and can have a common future together. Unity through diversity.

The most important early Pan-Africanists were Martin Delany and Alexander Crummel, both African Americans, and Edward Blyden, a West Indian in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Pan Africanism became popular in pop culture due to Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah.

Although both Marcus and Kwame started off as Black Nationalist, they provided the foundation for modern Pan Africanism. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and other leaders were also Pan Africanist.

Additional pop culture icons also embraced Pan-Africanism including Roy Ayers, John Coltrane, Miles Davis &  leaders such as Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe, François Duvalier, Aimé Césaire, Haile Selassie, Edward Wilmot Blyden, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyerere, Robert Sobukwe, Ahmed Sékou Touré


You have questions. wE have answers.

The below Q&A are based on common questions from museum visitors, event participants, and more.

How do I help support MEROE Museum

There are a variety of ways to support MEROE from visiting our exhibits, attending our events, promoting our social media, and donotating.

Check our Volunteers page for more info on how to participate.

If you are a business or group and want to collaborate please contact us via email or FB Messenger. We respond within 72hrs.

If you are a museum, group or organization interesting in working with us for collaborations or as part of our alliance, please check the Alliances page.

If you want to promote our Events, visit the Events page.

If you want to share or promote our social channels, please visit the Social Media page.

If there are other questions under this topic not listed above, please reach out to us. We are here to serve our community and promote unity.

I am a 3D artist, how can I help or participate?

As a 3D artist you can help by collaborating with us on specific exhibits. We use 3d models in Second Life to replicate/emulate actual exhibits in the real world. Please contact us directly or you can fill out the team application listed on the Volunteer page.

I am a Spoken Word Artist, how do I attend the open mic sessions?

We perform Spoken Word events as part of our regular Events Schedule and as part of our Sessions show which is streamed and live streamed 2x monthly. All artist must be a current resident of Second Life and available for the sound check the day prior to performance event date. Please sign up  

Is there a gift shop?

Yes, we have a gift shop located inworld, in Second Life and one in the real world. www.meroemuseum.com/shop 

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