Volunteering at MEROE Museum is easy and rewarding. MEROE Museum is dedicated to sharing our culture with everyone. If you are a resident of Second Life, you can volunteer at MEROE museum directly. If you are not a resident of Second Life you can volunteer by assist with projects and initiatives within Second Life and reality based alliances. Additionally please review our Road-map to keep in tune with our activities occurring throughout the year.

Below are some of the benefits of working or volunteering with MEROE Museum

learn & Explore

You can learn and explore more about your culture and ramp up quickly on your culture by participating in projects with MEROE. People tend to learn more from engaging conversations vs lectures. Connect with our team and have engaging conversations that push the edge of what you know,,the goal is not about changing a person’s mind. The goal is for all of us to question the programming we have and ask if what we know is actually the full picture.


Contribute to MEROE and our mission of sharing our culture. You can contribute your time or creativity in the form of working with our team on projects/exhibits. Projects include creating exhibits and other content for display in our museum.

PROMOTE unity in diversity

Promote Unity and Diversity by sharing your experiences and how you feel about the culture. Everyone is different and we all have different backgrounds. We at MEROE believe the more we share our diversity and culture the more unified we are in our understanding of our common humanity. 

social equality

Promote the sharing of our culture with open safe conversations at the MEROE Campus. The more we share our global culture the more we can understand each other and work together.

How to help right now !

Often people ask how they can help MEROE right now, without committing to volunteering. It can be hard for many to carve out time to volunteer to help the movement, but this doesn’t mean people do not want to help. We have made it easy to participate.

perform any of the activities in this section.. This section reflects our current exhibits, campaigns, and events. You can help us spread unity and our culture by promoting MEROE on your site, your social media profile and inworld in Second Life, Metaverse.

Promote our Events & Exhbits on social platforms

Download our current events and exhibit fliers/pluggers. Post our exhibits and events to your favorite social platform. Each link will connect you to our existing flyer with verbiage and tags for post. @meroemuseum and #meroemuseum. Click each name for the correlating flier/plugger.

Click here to open  Document w/ links to fliers and assets for sharing

PROMOTE our events & Exhibits inworld

There are so many notices sent inworld, people often miss the notices they are interested in reading. Help MEROE by including our exhibits & events in your inworld spam. You can use our default landmark for all MEROE and MEROE Campus events.

Check for EVENTS for inworld SPAM

Check LOCATIONS for current and active locations.

PROMOTE visting MEROE with our KIOSK

Promote visits to MEROE by placing our kiosk on your land or SIM> Often people find us by accident, so it is critical we build awareness of our location and what we offer our culture and people in Second Life. Help us spread the word by placing this low impact Kiosk on your parcel. The kiosk is located in the Welcome Center and is free for all group members.

Check  LOCATIONS for current and active locations.

Promote our inworld free books program

Our inworld tablet provides free access to our Library of hard to find books and media focused on aboriginal /Black culture. Our plan is to roll this service and capability to Real World for Feb 2023.

Promote our tablet by grabbing a free MEROE Tablet Kiosk from our Welcome Center, and place on your land. Promote literacy of our culture to everyone. The kiosk is free to tall group members.

Check  LOCATIONS for current and active locations.

Join Our Team

Join our team and become part of the positive solution to share our culture and promote unity. The following opportunities are active at MEROE. Please complete this form,  Join Our Team to submit your information for consideration. Someone from our team will connect with you within 72 hrs to schedule a meeting.

alliance Partners

Alliance Partners provide access to MEROE to new visitors and are eligible to collaborate with MEROE on exhibits. Partners can place our Kiosk on their land or have small exhibits on land which also direct Visitors to MEROE. Additionally, we provide or build small exhibits for our partners to promote visitors to their location and promote our partnership.

Social promotions  & contributors

Social Promotions and Contributions focuses on syndicating MEROE content on a variety of social media platforms. We also seek to collaborate with many social media and content creators to promote our culture and execute the overall MEROE mission.

event planning

Event Planning focuses on managing/participating in MEROE events and working with our event partners. Our events focus on spreading the message of unity in diversity. 

MEDIA manager

MEDIA Management includes the discovery, arrangement and scheduling of mixed media for display in Second Life, in the museum and on our YouTube channels. 

tour guides

Tour Guides are critical, they represent the Museum to all visitors and provide guidance on all exhibits and methods of research. Tour Guides work with our partner exhibits and potential partners to develop custom tours. The tours showcase exhibits and specific cultural focus points. Tour Guides become critical as we expand our partnerships. Tour Guides provide custom tours to visitors, enabling a conversation about our culture instead of just the visitor reading information.

exhibit partners

Exhibit Partners enable us to expand the capabilities of MEROE. Exhibit Partners collaborate with us on exhibits, often by providing a space on their SIM/Region for a small exhibit that relates to the “theme” or concept of the SIM/Region. Our partnerships provide value to SIM owners by enabling SIM owners to have rich cultural content for their visitors without directing them to another location. MEROE gains value by simply sharing the culture without impacting local exhibit resources on campus.

Programs & Projects

The following programs and projects are active MEROE Museum. If you are interested in volunteering to work on the initiatives below, please include the name of the program or project in the JOIN OUR TEAM form. If you have an idea for an initiative please include it in the JOIN OUR TEAM form.

library project – Free Books for everyone

The Library project focuses on providing access to everyone in the world to a our growing repository of books focused on Black/Indigenous culture. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to learning and understanding our culture is access. We currently have a repository of 300 books we are slowly integrating into our site. All books are acquired from the public internet. Books are currently accessible via our inworld MEROE Tablet. 2023 Goal to provide access to the general internet public via our site in RL and SL.


The MEROE Calendar project focuses on providing a Black/Indigenous calendar which integrates into popular email and calendar applications such as Google & Microsoft. The calendar will feature common information from across the African Diaspora such as MLK Day, Malcolm X Day, Ghana’s Liberation Day, mixed with specific events such as inventions and innovations. 

Additionally the calendar will feature current MEROE activities and events.

Alliances & partnerships

Our alliances and partners program focuses on expanding MEROE’s capability footprint by partnering with like minds and like spaces to provide exhibits and collaborate. We are partnering with many organizations inworld and in 2023 seek to start partnering with RL organizations.

pan-african – PROMOTE unity in diversity

The Pan African project provides the foundation for MEROE’s core mission, to unify our diaspora while celebrating our diversity. The Pan African project collaborates with other projects/programs within the MEROE portfolio to ensure continuous promotion of Pan African ideals. We seek to illustrate how we are connected via exhibits, events, and content.

cipher – podcast show

The CIPHER podcast is a platform for people to discuss controversial topics as they relate to Pan African-ism, our culture and people in RL and in SL.

media curation

The Curator program focuses on identifying, developing, deploying and maintaining MEROE exhibits. Curators also provide guidance on existing exhibits and new exhibits for museum campus visitors.


We have two fund raising campaigns we execute twice a year. All campaigns are focused on soliciting donations for MEROE UHURU STEM Programs. The UHURU STEM programs represent MEROE’s commitment to supporting a brighter future for Africa and the peoples of Africa and the Diaspora. We donate all donations to STEM programs as they represent the foundation of a new tomorrow and stronger future. We are hoping to find dedicated agriculture programs in the near future 2023 to add to our portfolio.

STEM Photo Campaign

Our UHURU STEM Campaign is a photo campaign in which we offer all residents, companies, and organizations the ability to donate to our charities in exchange for a STEM Support Photo to be shared on social media platforms. The program currently donates all proceeds to two specific STEM programs, The Hidden Genius Projects, & Black Girls Do STEM. The photo campaign runs the months of June & July. Access to the UHURU STEM Photo Campaign page is only accessible during June & July.

ATLAS race – Not Available at this time

The ATLAS Race is a multi-day amazing adventure and endurance race.. The race promotes our STEM charities as well as promoting a diverse lifestyle in Second Life. Second Life located in the Metaverse, has over 13 continents, 2 oceans, and hundreds of specific immersive outdoor locations. Our race promotes exploring all of the diverse culture of SL and supports a great charity. The race occurs yearly in the first weekend of September. Click for more information. Access to the ATLAS Race page is only enabled during June, July, & August.

Annual Events

The below list of events represents our current annual event list. Additional events may be added based on visitor demand.

black history month Festival – feb

A two day music festival celebrating Black indigenous music world wide (hip hop, afrobeat, afrohouse, soca, caribe, etc). also celebrates  the start of Spring. Music Festival Duration – 2 days. Each Day, Approx. 6 hrs of music. 

juneteenth – liberation celebration- june 

A three hour music celebration showcasing music from the diaspora, celebrating our global struggle for liberation and human rights. Music Event Duration: Approx. 3hrs of music. 

black august Music Festival – aug

A three day festival celebrating Black August. The festival showcases lectures, poets, singers, dancers, entertainers, and top DJs from all over Second Life. The music and theme of the festival is music from the diaspora. August is also Black Business Month, we provide space for small Black/indigenous businesses the opportunity to display their products/services during the event. Duration: 3 days. Each Day, Min. 6 hrs of entertainment each day.

black panther party Birthday – OCT

We celebrate Oct 16th, as the day of the founding of the Black Panther Party of Self Defense. We recognize them for their service to the people and inspiration to all peoples.

ATLAS RACE EVENT – DEC – Not available at this time

An amazing adventure endurance race for the MEROE UHURU STEM program charities. The race includes a minimum of 10 events, over 2 continents and 1 ocean. This is a non music event. Race Duration: 3 days, all participants must complete the race within the three day time span.

MEROE Museum anniversary celebration – dec

We celebrate the anniversary launch of MEROE Museum, which was launched on the anniversary of the assassination of Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Event Duration: Approx 2 hr music event.

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