MEROE Museum Locations Across the SL Grid!

MEROE Museum is a virtual museum located in Second Life, Metaverse. To visit or access MEROE Museum a user needs to use the Second Life Viewer or similar viewer. MEROE Museum has several locations which include our partnerships, alliances and collaboration  locations. Check this page to find all MEROE Exhibits and the current status of the location.

MEROE Museum Campus

The MEROE Campus is the main location for MEROE Museum, & Gift Shop. Located on the beautiful continent of Corsica, the sim of Joffy.

Our unique location on the continent enables museum explorers to also explore all of the 10+ connected continents of Second Life. You can literally, sail, drive, ride, cycle, hike, horseback or fly your plane to MEROE

All exhibits, events, film festivals, family games, and housing are available at this location

Online& Available

Location is online and available to the public at this time.

Click Links below to visit:

SL Destination Guide: MEROE Museum 

Map Location: MEROE Museum, Corsica

Continent: Corsica

BENOIR Galleries Collaboration

This location is one of our newest remote locations. In collaboration with BENOIR Galleries we present the BLACK PANTHER PARTY for SELF DEFENSE ANNIVERSARY & Exhibit!

This location features the following exhibits:

Black Panther Party Exhibit

Ancient Nubian, Kemetian and Egyptian Exhibit

Ancient Kente cloth & Adinkra Exhibit

Online & Available

Location is online and available to the public.

Click to Visit

MAP Location: Brevet Galleries

Under Construction

This location is under construction

Offline & Unavailable

Location is under construction and offline at this time. Check back here fore more information.



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