Stay in Tune

Stay in tune with MEROE operations by using the channels below. We organize, develop and work with our community using the channels to ensure transparency and inclusion around the world.

MEROE Museum events and spoken word events are announced via our channels. In addition if you are a Second Life Resident you can join our inworld group. 

All of our Social Media Channels and their specific purpose is below:

Help promote

You can help us by sharing our links and your thoughts on our events, our mission and our exhibits. The easiest way to volunteer is with a few clicks to help promote MEROE exhibits, events and special events.

All volunteers receive free inworld swag, and are eligible for discounts for swag from the MEROE Gift Shop.

Community – Connecting the Metaverse to You

We use the below social media channels to share our journey with you as we strive to make change and build a better future today in the real world and the Metaverse.

Facebook Messenger – MEROE

You can reach out to our team anytime via Messenger. Please give a few hours to respond as our social media is maintained by staff and volunteers.

Twitter/ X – Ras Solaris – Founder

We leverage X as a direct line to the founder, curator and owner of MEROE…Ras Solaris. Here we promote new exhibits, comment on current news, and release new Spoken Word singles

Facebook – MEROE Museum

Facebook is a central location for the SL community in the real world, as well as being a place to share exhibits, events, and more with people that are not in Second Life (SL). The majority of our operations are communicated to the public via the MEROE Museum FB page.

Instagram – MEROE Museum

We use Instagram to showcase and promote the museum, events, and exhibits. We encourage all volunteers, and visitors to share  pics of their time at MEROE Museum

Information, Entertainment & Events

The below channels are used to showcase special exhibits, events, special events, and spoken word performances. Additionally, we offer special classes and monthly AMA’s with the community.

Youtube – MEROE Museum

Youtube is the premier platform for streaming recorded spoken word sessions, movie festivals, interviews, guest appearances, etc.

In addition once a month we provide a private Spoken Word Session for all Subscribers on Youtube & Twitch.

Twitch – MEROE Museum

Twitch is our newest platform for streaming live content. We will be streaming all live events in 2024 on Twitch as well.

In addition once a month we provide a Spoken Word Session for all Subscribers on Youtube and Twitch.

Soundcloud – Ras Solaris

Soundcloud provides a platform for the distribution of our Spoken Word remixes, and performances. Spoken Word sessions include recordings from a variety of events featuring guest poets, and Ras Solaris.

Discord – MEROE Museum

Discord enables our staff, and volunteers to interact with the community in the real world in a more direct way.

Special Programs, lectures, Classes and events that normally are limited to SL Residents only can also be accessed via Discord. Please check the Events page for specific events in Discord.

Tik Tok – Ras Solaris

Tik Tok is the newest platform for MEROE as we begin to broadcast our infotainment show starting in 2024. The channel will feature news from MEROE and spoken word session clips.

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