UHURU – Build A Better Tomorrow Campaign

The Universal Cultural Society and MEROE is proud to announce our yearly Photo Campaign dedicated to funding specific charities in RL. Our featured charities are focused on STEM. We believe freedom for all of our culture is based on understanding of nation building. Nation building includes STEM and agricultural sciences. The two charities we focus on are: 
-Black Girls Do STEM
-The HIDDEN GENIUS project 

Both Projects focus on educating our youth in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology , Engineering, and Math). These fields of study represent the foundation of a new tomorrow.


July is our main month for fund raising for the UHURU – Build A Better tomorrow program. 100 % of the funds during the month of July go to our charity programs. During this month MEROE donations are also included in the overall contribution to our charities.

Photo Campaign

We have a photo campaign from July 1st – 30th. Donations for the photo campaign fund our charity projects. Tag your photos with @meroemuseum #meroestem


Join us to compete in our ATLAS Race competition. Supporters of our campaign compete in a race to the top of Mount. Everest in Second Life, Metaverse, first group to the top, plants their flag and wins. All donations support the charities sponsored during this month.


Participate and receive your speciall UHURU – Build A Better Tomorrow gift, given only two supporters, and unavailable for sale.

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